Unlocking consumer insights: The power of AI in market research

Kim Garcia
Andreas Farge
March 25, 2024

In the rapidly evolving market research landscape, businesses constantly seek innovative methods to understand their consumers better. Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized this space, offering unprecedented insights that were previously unimaginable. Even mature marketing practices in understanding consumer behavior and preferences have been transformed with AI. In this article, we explore how AI can be leveraged for market research with a focus on AI analysis for summarizing written responses on a large scale.


The AI advantage in market research

AI brings a new dimension to market research, offering the ability to process and analyze vast amounts of data at speeds no human could match. This capability is particularly crucial when dealing with open-ended surveys, interviews, or focus group responses. Traditional analysis methods are time-consuming and often subject to human bias. AI, however, can swiftly sift through this data, identifying patterns, sentiments, and emerging themes, and providing a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of consumer opinions and behaviors.


Primary research reinvented

In primary research, AI can transform how we conduct one-on-one interviews and focus groups, including both end users and industry experts. AI-powered tools can transcribe these interactions in real-time, offering immediate insights and allowing researchers to probe deeper into specific areas of interest. Moreover, AI can analyze facial expressions and voice intonations to gauge emotions and sentiments, adding depth to the data collected.

Surveys, a staple in market research, also benefit from AI. Beyond just analyzing responses, AI can optimize survey design, ensuring questions are structured to elicit the most informative and genuine responses. Regarding open-ended questions, AI's ability to summarize and interpret large volumes of text becomes invaluable, providing clear, actionable insights from what might otherwise be an overwhelming amount of data.

Secondary research with an AI edge

AI extends its benefits to secondary research as well. It can scan, summarize, and analyze vast arrays of existing data, reports, and publications, offering a comprehensive market landscape. This capability enables businesses to identify trends, benchmark against competitors, and spot opportunities or threats in the market.

Your gateway to consumer insights

Our specialized AI analysis service is designed to harness the power of AI in summarizing written responses on a large scale. This service is not just about processing data; it is about uncovering the stories behind it. Understanding the nuances, emotions, and patterns in consumer responses gives our clients a deep and actionable understanding of their target market.

Our experience in AI-powered market research sets us apart. We combine our deep industry knowledge with AI technology to offer insights that are:

  1. Comprehensive: our AI tools provide a 360-degreeview of consumer opinions, capturing nuances that traditional analysis might miss.
  2. Speedy: what used to take weeks can now be done in hours, enabling businesses to make informed decisions swiftly.
  3. Data-driven: our approach is rooted in data, ensuring our insights are objective and actionable.
  4. Scalable: our AI solutions scale according to your needs, such as analyzing responses from a few hundred or several thousand respondents

So what?

Understanding your consumer is the key to success in the age of information. AI in market research is not just an option; it is necessary.

Our team can help your company transform data into decisions, insights into actions, and questions into answers through the use of AI. Contact us to see how we can assist.

Kim Garcia
Advisory Partner & IT Risk Leader
Andreas Farge
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