Our Advisory practice currently focuses on SOX, technical accounting, and transaction advisory. We have professionals with SOX (including IT) and technical accounting experience that previously worked as external auditors on integrated audit engagements of large SEC issuers at Big 4 firms. We have extensive experience working successfully through complex SOX projects (e.g., standing up internal control environments for IPOs, remediating material weaknesses) and memorializing and concluding on highly technical accounting matters (e.g., revenue recognition, lease accounting, derivatives, consolidation matters) with the National offices of Big 4 and other large firms. Our experienced professionals have proven to work highly collaboratively with external auditors through best-in-class communication from the planning through reporting phases of audit engagements, and work successfully through time-sensitive, high-stress situations, as well.

We have experience with Quality of Earnings and other due diligence engagements, as well as helping companies prepare for due diligence engagements.

We will enhance this page to provide more comprehensive descriptions of our Advisory capabilities. During 2024, we expect to expand our Advisory capabilities in the transaction advisory space and develop valuation and forensics capabilities.

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